About ExperimentalAero

Location: ExperimentalAero is located in beautiful Tucson Arizona

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Mission: ExperimentalAero's goal is to provide experimental aircraft builders and owners with innovative tools and components for their projects.

Background: As an experienced mechanical design engineer and a seasoned experimental aircraft builder, I saw the need for improved tools and other components to meet my aircraft building requirements. ExperimentalAero was established to introduce others to my designs to help make the job of building a homebuilt aircraft a little easier.

History:  ExperimentalAero was estiblished in 2004. 

Our Customers:  ExperimentalAero's customers are typically RV builders.  With over 2000 units in builders hands all over the world. 


ExperimentalAero introduces HANGER BANNERS to the RV builder community.

DRDT-1 News: 10/11/03

(CASA GRANDE, AZ) The DRDT-1 was demonstrated to Ken Krueger (engineering) and Scott McDaniels (prototype shop) from Van's Aircraft at the Copperstate Fly-in. Van's prototype shop uses the c-frame impact dimpling tool mounted on a table. According to Scott, the c-frame is the nosiest tool in the shop and hearing protection is required when in use. Prior to actually using the DRDT-1 both were very skeptical about the tool and its ability to dimple as well as the impact c-frame dimplers on the market. After trying it they both were surprised at the ease, consistency and quality of the dimpling. In fact Scott, the most skeptical of all and self proclaimed dimpling snob, only used it a few times and then requested a unit be sent to Van's prototype shop. With the DRDT-1 the noise level in the prototype shop will be greatly reduced (there is no noise produced while dimpling with the DRDT-1), not to mention the increase in speed and consistency of dimpling.