TBBT-2 (Tire Bead Breaking Tool)

Tire Bead Breaking Tool (TBBT-2) Designed for the Homebuilt Aircraft, and GA owners.  No more struggling with clamps, vices, mallets to break the bead.  No more finding an A&P with the traditional breaking tool to use and working on the floor putting all your weight into the handle to break the bead. Now you have a new option.

The TBBT-2 unique design leverages the power of the mechanical advantage of the clamp technology used in the ExperimentalAero’s Deep Reach Dimpling Tool (DRDT-2) and makes breaking your tire bead even easier. The TBBT-2 is an affordable option for the aircraft owner.  

Compared to the traditional bead breaking tools (from Brand B and M) which are adjustable for larger tires which changes their mechanical advantage, the TBBT-2 has a significantly lower operating force (2.5 to 4 times).  You can even operate the TBBT-2 on your work bench. What this means is you can now break the bead without breaking your back.

For those DRDT-2 owners who are now flying but keeping the DRDT-2 for future use the TBBT-2 is even more affordable.  By purchasing the TBBT-2 frame only, the DRDT-2 owner can transplant the clamp assembly to the TBBT-2 frame.

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In the video you will see the frame deflect as the clamp puts force on the tire to break the bead.  The TBBT-2 is designed to flex.  The load to deflect the frame show in the video is in excess of 250 lbs.  Which means it takes over 250 lbs of force to break a tire bead.  That is where the mechanical advantage of the TBBT-2 is a significant improvement over the traditional bead breaker tools. In the video you see that you don’t need to hold down the wheel with any force, just held to rotate the wheel to a new blade position.

The graph below shows the difference between the TBBT-2 and the competitors. When you apply 30 pounds of force to the TBBT-2 handle you get 250 lbs of force at the breaker blade.  As the TBBT-2 handle continues down the mechanical advantage get even greater.  Whereas the competition blade force is only 2-3 times the force on their handle.  That means you would need in excess of 80 to 130 lbs on the competitors handle to possibly break a tire bead. That is why you see the competitions bead breaker on the floor of the hangar when in use, while the TBBT-2 can be used at a comfortable working height surface (Table, Rollaway, Etc).

This video is a review from Vic Syracuse from Base Leg Aviation.  Vic is well-known in Van’s RV aircraft and EAA community.  He is a lecturer and author about aviation maintenance.   The review of the TBBT-2 starts at 1:15 minutes into the video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTuX8ZQHRrQ


Tire Size: up to 18x6:00-6

Construction: Steel (welded and bolted)

Finish: Industrial powder coating

Shipping Box: 24”x6x6”

Shipping weight: 10 lbs (frame only), 14 lbs (complete unit)

 The TBBT-2 is available in two options.

  1. TBBT-2 Frame Only-For DRDT-2 customers who are now flying and keeping the DRDT-2 for future use and transplanting the DRDT-2 clamp assembly onto the TBBT-2 frame.
  2. TBBT-2 Complete Unit (Includes Clamp Assembly)

Reasons why the TBBT-2 is a better option than the competition

  1. Significantly less expensive.

  2. Clamp mechanical advantage means significantly lower force needed to break the bead.

  3. Bench top capable.

  4. Existing DRDT-2 customers can continue to take advantage of their initial investment.

Pricing and Payment Options (05/20/23)
Item Personal Check or Money Order PayPal
TBBT-2 $235 Plus Shipping, Email for availability Email for pricing and availability
TBBT-2 Frame Only ** $180 Plus Shipping** Email for availability Email for pricing and availability

** For existing DRDT-2 owners who will transplant their DRDT-2 Clamp assembly to the TBBT-2 Frame


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