Wheel Pant Grommet Kit (WPGK-1)

Protect your nose wheel pant from towbar damage with this innovative Wheel Pant Grommet Kit.  This kit utilizes the One-HoleTM mounting system.  No need for extra rivet holes or screws only a single 1.0" diameter hole is all that is required for this simple installation.   Made from 304 Stainless Steel this robust grommet kit will provide your expensive paint job the protection it deserves.

Inner diameter of Grommet: 0.93 inches, Outer diameter of Grommet:~1.37 inches

Installation in a Van's RV-7A Nose Wheel Pant

Installation time: Approximately 30 minutes

Kit includes (2) Wheel Pant Grommets, (2) Locking Rings, Instructions

Price: $55 USD

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