Frequently Asked Questions


Question #1: What if I order the wrong banner?

Answer #1: Orders are placed with the contract printer at the end of the week.  If you submitted your order and needed to change you selection just email us at and we should be able make the change.

Question #2: What if the banner is damaged during shipment?

Answer #2: If the banner is damaged by the USPS a claim will have to be filed with them. But claims can take some time so we will send another banner out to you. Just email us at

Question #3: What if the banner is defective?

Answer #3: If the banner is defective (which is very unlikely). Just email us at and we will get another banner to you.


Question #1: Is the DRDT-2 better than the impact c-frame for dimpling?

Answer #1: The impact c-frames rely on impact energy to dimple the aluminum skin. This is applied when the hammer strikes the ram (upper die holder).How hard and fast you hit the ram and the thickness of the aluminum determines the dimple quality. Too much energy and the material is distorted and possibly work hardened. Yielding at best, a surface imperfection, at worst weakening the skin.Too little impact the dimpled hole is not fully formed and may require further inspection and repeated impacts. The DRDT-2 relies on squeezing the dimple under high loads. This is accomplished by using a very rigid steel frame and the mechanical advantage of the clamping system.The clamping system incorporates a positive stop and adjustable ram.This means that once set the DRDT-2 produces consistent dimples every time. Since the high clamping forces are generated through the mechanical advantage of the clamp the force the builder needs to apply is very low.And unlike the impact c-frame dimpler, there is no loud noise (banging) produced during the dimpling operation using the DRDT-2.The benefits of the DRDT-2 over the impact c-frame dimpler are simple: Easy, Safe, Consistent, less fatiguing and noise free. Please review the DRDT-2 testimonials for owner comments

Question #2: Can I install a DRDT-2 front end kit my existing impact c-frame dimpler?

Answer #2: No,the impact c-frame dimpler uses a lightweight frame designed just to stabilize the ram (upper die holder) and keep it aligned with the lower die holder. There is no load or stress transferred to the frame during the dimpling process. It is purely impact that forms the dimple. The DRDT-2 is designed around a very different method, clamping force (squeezing). The DRDT-2 relies on the rigidity of the frame to dimple. When the builder applies a load to the lever, an increased load (mechanical advantage of the clamping system) is transferred into the frame and equally to the skin being dimpled (equal and opposite reactions). Therefore the frame is required to be much stronger (rigid) then the impact c-frame dimpler. With all this said, installing a DRDT-2 front end on an existing impact c-frame dimpler will not work, in fact it will most likely permanently damage the impact c-frame.

Question #3: Can the DRDT-2 set rivets?

Answer #3: No, the DRDT-2 was designed to dimple only. A much larger and heavier frame and a much stronger clamp would be required to consistently set rivets.

Question #4: Will the DRDT-2 handle all my dimpling needs on my RV? Will it dimple the large skins on my project?

Answer #4: The DRDT-2 was designed specifically to can handle most of your dimpling needs on your project. However you will still need to use your hand/pneumatic squeezer as well as pop rivet dimple die set to completely cover all the dimpling locations on your project. You can dimple sheets up to 44" wide and up to 0.040 thick.

Question #5: Do I still need to purchase an impact c-frame if I have the DRDT-2.

Answer #5: No, the DRDT-2 will handle your dimpling needs. Any riveting you might have used the impact c-frame for can be accomplished with your rivet gun or hand/pneumatic squeezer.

Question #6: Do you accept Visa/MasterCard/Discovery?

Answer #6: I do not accept Visa/MasterCard/Discovery directly. If you choose to use credit cards you can process your payment through PayPal. PayPal charges a transaction fee (~3.5%) which would be added to your total (including shipping charges)

Question #7: Why does the price keep going up?

Answer #7: I rely on many suppliers to provide services or materials to build a DRDT-2. All the raw materials have increased dramatically over the last year. Many of the components are made of steel. Whether it is the steel frame or the screws to hold the clamp all have increased. These costs are passed along to the customer.