DRDT-2 Testimonials (just a few of the hundreds of kudos emailed)


I have been working with it for 8 months now and can say that compared to what I have seen with the “whack and dimple” and the mistakes that have ensued, your tool has made my life much quieter and simpler.  Being a complete novice at any type of airframe building, this was probably the best money spent on building tools. 

PS)  The wife loves working with the DRDT-2 as well.  She sometimes works a swing shift, so I set the DRDT-2 before I go to work and come home to perfectly dimpled skins."

Thanks again!

- Scott Shook  (RV-7A)

"Just a note to tell you my unit arrived last night.  I am completely blown away by the quality of it, right down to the packaging.  If your future products match the quality of this one I think the success of your business is assured. It's been a pleasure doing business with you."

- Bill S.

"I can now dimple twice as fast as I could with the old C Dimpler, makes a huge speed difference and the dimples are more uniform as well."

- Dennis M. (RV-6A/RV-10)

"I just wanted to let you know that using the DRDT-2 has been a pure pleasure.  I really feel sorry for those who've been using the old mallet and c-frame method.  I know this tool is supposed to be a time saver, but I find myself going slow just so I can enjoy it longer.  Thanks for a great product."

- Dan S.

"Just returned from the RV tail feather class in Griffin, GA where they have using your DRDT-1 for some time. They first let us use the old C frame dimpler for a few punches and then put us on your machine.  The enclosed check (plus shipping) indicates the result of that comparison."

- Jay R.


"I just finished dimpling both HS skins on my project and the DRDT-2 performed flawlessly.  It was such a simple and quiet process that I almost forgot that I was dimpling the skins.

Major Kudos also for the shape of the lower portion of the C-Frame.  It made short work of both the skins.  The holes are so uniform that had I not done them myself I would have thought that a machine had punched them out of a form."

-Scott Shook (RV-7A)



"I received the DRDT-2 on Saturday.  Wow;  that is one beautiful piece of work and it dimples wonderfully!  My wife is used to the 'banging' of the c-frame device.  I gave her a sheet of aluminum with some holes drilled and told her to dimple it.  She could not believe how easy, and QUIET, it is.  

Thanks for a great product!"


-Gary Bataller





"I brought a DRDT-1 dimplier and installed it at Alexander Technical Center to try it out in
January this year. Boy was that a mistake. There is no way I am getting it back. It is the
best I have used for dimpling. It gives best dimples; it is consistent, quiet and a one man operation.

There is no way I am going back to the old c-frame hammer method. Now if I need to dimple I pack up what I have and drive 32 miles even though I have a hammer c-Frame dimplier at home. It is that much better. They now sell the DRDT-2 which has some improvement over the -1."




-Michael Crowe





"I never used the "alternative" dimplers, but the DRDT-2 is ONE AWESOME machine... well worth its weight in gold... I could not imagine useing a smash dimpler, but I love My DRDT-2."




-Kevin H






"It really is a great tool, I have lots of pictures of it in action at: http://www.rv7a.com."

-Matt Johnson



"Its expensive, but worth every penny,  I've had the old c-frame and I'd never go back to it now."




-Bill Ervin


"The DRDT-1 Works great, no noise and very little pressure required....I'm a confirmed user."




- Don Van Santen





"I have not needed the C-Frame until about 2 weeks ago and last week ended up building the DRDT-1 frame.  I had previously investigated getting the frame fabricated, however I felt the prices quotes were excessive ($398 to $780, DRDT-2 frame quotes similar).

I was able to pick up a length of 200-UB-18 (the equivalent of W8X10) for a good price and cobbled it together myself.  Was a good project for me as I have never done any welding before and was a good learning task.   Never the less, thanks in no small part to the clear and detailed plans you provided, I was able to build the frame quite easily.

I will simply say the dimpler is fantastic.  The dimpling is so easy compared to a traditional dimpler that I can do everything on my own, even on large skins.  It is also great that it is very quiet to use.  I often end up doing most of the work on the RV-10 after 8pm and the DRDT-1 will prevent my relationship with the neighbors from going sour!!

I honestly admit that at many times while looking for quotes, looking for steel and even while building the frame I was tempted to toss it in and settle on a traditional C-Frame.  One I began using it, I was extremely glad I had persisted.

Thank you for providing such a fantastic product and thank you for putting your efforts into improving an area of experimental aviation.  Please keep in touch when you develop other goodies!"

Kindest regards,

- Scott Lewis (Australia)




"Got your -2 today and I must say it does a GREAT JOB! I’ve gotta get rid of my old dimpler now!!"