News 02/12/21

Introducing the TBBT-2

ExperimentalAero is proud to introduce its latest tool Tire Bead Breaking Tool (TBBT-2) Designed for the Homebuilt Aircraft, and GA owners.  No more struggling with clamps, vices, mallets to break the bead.  No more finding an A&P with the traditional breaking tool to use and working on the floor putting all your weight into the handle to break the bead. Now you have a new option.

The TBBT-2 unique design leverages the power of the mechanical advantage of the clamp technology used in the ExperimentalAero’s Deep Reach Dimpling Tool (DRDT-2) and makes breaking your tire bead even easier. The TBBT-2 is an affordable option for the aircraft owner.  Click on Image

Artwork now available as Print Your Own

Now HANGAR BANNERS™ Artwork is available for download.  Originally intended for banners to dress up your Hangar, Shop or Man Cave, but now can also be used for printing on Posters, Throw Blankets, Mugs, and much more.   You can use the artwork and print locally or use an internet printer.

Now you can dress up your Hangar, Shop or Man Cave with these dynamic high quality motivational vinyl banners of your favorite RV, Whether you are a builder, ower or just an RV enthusiast these banners are for you. Many RV layouts to chose from. Click on the RV-8 banner (below) or the Hangar Banners tab (above).


DRDT-2 News

Effective 2/1/20

All new DRDT-2’s will be lighter weight and less expensive to ship.  This is good news to new customers. 

As of January 1, 2020 Both FedEx and UPS lowered their heavy package threshold from 70 lbs down to 50 lbs. Any package over 50 lbs gets a $24 additional fee attached to the regular shipping costs. The shipping weight of the DRDT-2 is approximately 60 lbs.  Since shipping costs were now increasing substantially, I began reviewing the 15 year old DRDT-2 design, requirements and analysis.  After careful review and building and testing a lighter weight prototype, I am pleased to announce success. This lighter weight design works as well as the heavy weight when dimpling all RV sheet thicknesses from 0.016-0.040”. This lighter weight unit looks the same as the heavy weight DRDT-2 except for the reduced thickness of the structural steel frame.

There are several advantages to this lighter weight design.

1.      Less expensive to ship than the heavy weight DRDT-2, even without the $24 heavy weight penalty fee.

2.   Slightly less expensive frame material which means the DRDT-2 price doesn’t have to increase for a few years as other components increase in price.

3.   Lighter weight is easier to handle by the customer

4.   FedEx/UPS do not have to take special precautions while handling the lighter unit.

5.   After 15 years and over 2,500 units built, my back is feeling the effects of lifting 60 lbs over and over again during the DRDT-2 fabrication.

So if you had the opportunity to use a DRDT-2 in the past (other builders, training centers, USAF, National Guard, Airlines) the one you will receive will be built of a thinner and lighter frame.


Now a commercial aircraft quality dimpler is now available for the experimental aircraft builder. For those builders who want a dimpler that is:

  • Consistent

  • Easy

  • Safe

  • Less Fatiguing

  • Noise free



Now you can dimple at anytime day or night without disturbing your family or neighbors

Click on the DRDT-2 picture or use the menu to navigate to the DRDT-2 page



N47PM Built with the DRDT-2